Belfast International Airport (BFS)
Car Parking

(Belfast, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, UK)

Belfast International Airport (BFS) has three official car parks that are open 24 hours a day and they have excellent security. They include a short-stay car park, a main car park and a long-stay car park.

They are all within walking distance of the terminal building, with the short-stay car park being the closest. The list below details further information about the available parking spaces.

You can pre-book parking spaces at Belfast International Airport or simply turn up, take a ticket at the barrier and pay at a designated pay station near the terminal exit on your return. You can also pay by credit card, saving the need for a ticket.


The short-stay car park is located close to the Belfast International Airport (BFS) terminal building and is ideal for drop-offs and pick-ups. Prices are fairly steep for lengthy periods, with charges starting from the first 15 minutes and then hourly and daily rates thereafter.

Main Car Park

The main car park is best utilised by those on short breaks and business travellers. Prices are charged from the first hour up to a nominal daily rate, with additional days at a fixed price.


The long-stay car park at Belfast International Airport (BFS) is for those passengers who are going away for lengthy periods and is therefore ideal for holidaymakers.
Prices start from four days and then a cheap daily rate thereafter.


Belfast International Airport offers specially designated car parking spaces for disabled drivers in all car parks. Airport porters are available to offer assistance for disabled passengers and there are strategically placed ramps allowing unhindered access to the terminal building.

Belfast Airport BFS

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